The Hats We Wear


“A teacher wears many hats”.  Yes, having spent some years in the classroom, I can confirm that this is true.  However, we’re not the only ones.  Anyone who regularly spends time with young children must have about a thousand different hats in order to come anywhere close to meeting the myriad of needs children have in any given day.  Ok, let’s be serious.  In any given second.

Teachers choose to spend their days sounded by 20-something (sometimes more!) little beings who need, need, need.  We also spend time going to workshops, reading books, and talking to colleagues in order to find strategies to help little people learn best.  We gather tools that work for different types of learners and learn how to keep large numbers of high-energy kids calm (relatively speaking) in small spaces.  Most importantly, we must become skilled at teaching young people to exist as one individual in a community of many.

There have been many times in my teaching life that I have learned something new and thought, “I bet parents could really benefit from knowing this.”  I’ve also seen how parents of my students want so badly to help their children with schoolwork or behavior, but can be overwhelmed, not knowing where to start.  I know my own mother often says that she wasn’t always sure how to help us with school or study habits growing up.   Unfortunately, teachers don’t often have the time to advise individual parents at length.

While I am by no means an expert, I have been privileged to work around some amazing teachers, and have learned so much from each student I’ve been lucky enough to teach…especially those who challenged me to think differently and find solutions that weren’t readily available.  In this blog I’ll reflect on some past experiences, and share some of the tools, strategies, and teacher tricks I’ve learned along the way.  If you’re a mom, dad, or caregiver, you can hopefully find one or two useful things that might help your little learners at home.  Get your teacher hat ready!


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